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      well firstly let me introduce myself.

      my name is Tor Alexander Perez Azedo. I am born in Cape town south Africa (father is portuguese, mom is norwiegen) yepp wierd combo...but newayz...i am now 21 years old and am currently living in Oslo Norway Europe.

      I joined pokerstrategy Bout 2 or three months ago, and can safely say it is the most insightful forum/website for poker online...before i joined strategy i had been playing poker for about two years, but i was clueless on bankroll management and most strategy and stuff was foreign to me...however the short stack strategy i had somehow managed to figure out myelf because that i had been doing since my second year of poker...and i had come up with that by myself (it made sense to me that it was inevitable to profit with the sss) i called it the multitablng strategy to myself :P .

      well i have played on mostly all poker playforms..of course not all..and had become what some might know as a bonuswhore...jumping from site to site collecting bonuses...but...i was still only managing to break even. Now realize the reason was that my love for mtts was inhibiting my total profit from steadily rising. i was making about 300 dollars a month with the short stack strategy. yet i would blow most of that trying mtts like rebuys on stars or bg buy ins with that wish of a huge win always in the back of my head...

      well to get to the present: i have been chattng with another member of pokerstrategy who has made quite a name for himself on stars and so i have been learning and watching him play his sitngos...and believe i have finaly figured out the way to profit steadily like him or "the pros"
      i am a good tournament player and have achieved great results vefore on mtts ..: for example 4th of 1188 in a 8 rebuy on stars for 1700 dollars
      and 6th in the same tourney again for little over 1000.
      recently i managed another ok result in a rather large sit and go on stars:

      PokerStars Tournament #74369526, No Limit Hold'emBuy-In: $5.00/$0.50360 playersTotal Prize Pool: $1800.00 Tournament started - 2008/01/25 - 00:15:00 (ET)

      Dear popyocolla, You finished the tournament in 1st place.A $450.00 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

      You earned 326.38 tournament leader points in this tournament.

      so i know i have some kill for tourneys another example being the 100 k freeroll on stars this weekend :

      PokerStars Tournament #71989160, No Limit Hold'emFreeroll 5292 players$100000.00 added to the prize pool by PokerStars.comTotal Prize Pool: $100000.00 Tournament started - 2008/01/26 - 15:00:00 (ET)

      Dear popyocolla, You finished the tournament in 35th place.

      A $180.00 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

      (elimintaed with kk,,pushed my stack of 140 k plus with kk called by aq....and two outered on river :( )

      so now my main mission is to sss my way to 100 bucks and then invest in small sitngos and hopefully achieve constant profit (of course downswings are expected...but profit in the long run is what i mean)

      i have round 2 k bankroll on stars and have started playing 6.50 18 mans
      and 3.40 9 mans turbos...and they have been going very well so far.

      i will post my graph when i really get going and hopefully everything will be going according to plan.:)

      i want to thank helemaalnicks for showing me the light :)

      so to cap up my ambitions:

      well i cannot move up further in levels on stars as i am already supernova from 2years of sss lol

      profit of at least 50 dollars a day from sitngos alone

      continue my 50 dollar a day average winnings from sss

      and cutting down my mtt play( maybe rewarding myself with one big mtt a week maybe a 20 dollar buy in)

      wish me luck :)

      thanks again pokerstrategy for a great forum
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