Hi from Iceland

    • Orko111
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      I started playing online poker a few weeks ago at Facebook, Zynga Poker, or whatever it´s called. I did really well there and decided to try my luck wtih real money (at 888poker). Had a shaky start (real money changes things abit, haha...) but overall i´m still in profit. This site looks excellent and i´m really looking forward to my 50$ at FullTilt.

      Good luck!
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    • IngridN
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      Hi there Orko111,

      Welcome to our community! :)

      Indeed playing with real money can be scary at first but pleno1 told me that I shouldn't think about my bank roll as real money because it would just make me afraid to make decisions with a free mind.

      However, its probably a good choice to follow BRM and free your mind between your own limit.

      I'll ask him to pop by and say hi to you and leave some great advice behind. If you go through the beginners questions/introduce yourself threads you can see his marks all over the place :D

      Good luck at the FT tables and keep us updated!
    • Orko111
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      The first advice I got was to imagine that it I actually held the amount of money I was playing with in my hand. I tend to be a little to passive in my play and this made things worse!
      After a while i got a little more free and started to be more logical and brave and this really paid off for me. So I would agree. Just think of it as a number you are trying to grow...the whole "omg, this is real actual money" type thinking will get in the way when your playing. But it´s probably a good way to think when you are depositing :-)
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      Hæ orko, hvað segir þú? Velkommin á PS, það er til smá hóp sem heitir Iceland link

      ætlar þú að spila cash eða moti? Hlynkinn á flott blog um SNG´s.

      gangi þér vel


      (ég er bresku+tala íslensku ekki mjóg vél)
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      That called cheat what you guys are doin here
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      Lol.... and why is that???
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      I try to always think is BBs/bbs for my bank roll. It makes it easier to disconnect from the money.

      You need to make marginal decisions sometimes, and it's easier to make the decisions if you're not thinking of the actual monetary value in the hand, but rather the amount of BBs/bbs.