Back to the grind!

    • PokerHammer
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      I'm back after a long layoff. :)

      Just got back to Titan, and still had $40 of my bonus to clear! That's how little I've played.

      Anyway, I was on $202 when I started and thought it would be a good idea to clear the bonus as quickly as possible.

      I wish I hadn't bothered, I've had two terrible sessions and have gone from $202 to $186, including clearing $10.

      Ok, a 52BB downswing isn't that bad, but it's still annoying after finally being able to get back to playing again.

      If anyone here is playing the .25/.50's at Titan I'll see you at the tables.

      The fixed limit forum seems a little bit quiet so hopefully we can find a few things to talk about to liven it up!
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