Id Check Fail ?

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      Hey there welcome to the community.

      Sometimes this happens im afraid pokerstrategy has to take strict measures to make sure they're not getting ripped off by people making multiple accounts and such. So if they have just a small doubt that something is not right they have to act upon it most people pass the ID check fine though.

      I failed it too don't be discouraged there are plenty of offers for you to take advantage of here i can guarentee you wont regret sticking around if you do.

      Good luck whatever you do next
    • IngridN
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      Originally posted by andrijac
      Why i didn't pass the ID CHECK !?? I can't believe you guy...
      I send you my ID CARD !? With the same data as on pokerstrategy ?!? Don't im so sad and angry -.-
      Hi andrijac,

      I am sorry to read that your ID check has failed.

      Whilst we understand your frustration, please note that creating duplicate accounts is a violation against our T&C's.

      Thank you for understanding

      ps: as always, Thank you Carl for being helpful and encourage our members even in these situations :)