How to adopt to this?

I started playing 6 max PL Omaha Hi MTTs on Pokerstars.
I figured the buy ins are low, guaranteed prizes are nice, pool of players is shallow, why not try it.

Didn't find much advice on Omaha tournaments, but I assume that tight at the beginning looser and looser toward the end, attacking shortstacks, stealing the blinds in late position, etc ., all apply to some extent.
Over a few tournaments, lets say 600 hands, my stats are around 25 vpip with 15 prfr.

I usually manage to stay alive over an hour or so just past the late registration mark or even deeper but never in the money.

My main problem is that at each table there are at least 2 players with stats 70-85 vpip and 20 prfp. They don't mind the bet sizes, the position, the board, they equally go all in on the flop with a pair or a full house. I know that players like these are considered a dream come thrugh, but when there are constantly at least 2 of them (even if one falls off another one joins in) they do get lucky and they knock me out.

Since its Omaha and them playing practically anything its very hard to know how you stand except in the rare cases that you have the absolute nuts. I tried being more loose and passive hoping to catch something, which then turns into bingo, and even if I don't bleed out my chips I loose eventually on 1% chance that one of the players has the nuts. I tried being extra tight which usually gets me late into the tournament but with little chance of fighting the luckiest (or the best) of them who at that point have 10x my stack, etc.

Any thoughts?

Thx, and good luck at the tables...