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Poker is a wargame

    • helemaalnicks
      Joined: 21.09.2007 Posts: 7,195
      Lets say, we play a game. The game is like this:

      9 players, each player has one country, and an army. This country cannot be occupied by other players. The goal of the game is, to enslave all people on the planet. Not kill, but recruit them for your own army.

      Each turn, the country of another player is the battlefield. This player has his army partly in the country, and partly scattered all around our imaginary planet. The longer the game lasts, the more eager are your people to defend their homes, and their home country. At the same time, every player has his right neighbor as a permanent threat. This right neighbor will send an army every turn a country has, either to attack it, or explore the territory.

      Its a weird planet, so all soldiers are mutants, and all countries mutate too. All we know at the beginning of our turn, is what actions our opponents made in the past, and what kind of army we have. We don't know anything about the opponents army. The texture of the battlefield is highly important. Some soldiers are good on any ground, but don't adjust well to the host country. They are simply brutal. Some do well on a multi way battle, where many armies are fighting, some do well on rough ground, some do well on plains. The battlefield decides the outcome of battle, actually, the soldiers don't matter that much.

      There are 3 actions available.

      Stand ground. You will build a base on the battlefield (country of the player who has the turn).

      Attack. You will send troops in order to enslave your enemy army.

      Give up. All soldiers you send to the battlefield will be enslaved by the opponent who attacked your army.

      As soon as two players have send all their troops (none of them retreats or gives up), they will fight for it. It is a peaceful game, so we don't fight to the death. Its fighting, but only with harmless laser guns :p.

      Now what's the best strategy in this game?

      Stand down, build a base, and explore the country? We don't know what the battlefield is like, which makes it hard to attack, since we could loose if our opponents stand ground. However, our opponent doesn't know either! So it's very hard for him to stand ground. If they give up, they only lose everyone who was in the country already, while if they stand ground, they need more men, and they could lose them all.

      It should be clear to you that there are two sides to this game. On the one hand, we don't want to clash with soldiers who will shoot rockets at us, on the other hand, if we maximize aggression, we have a good chance that we can enslave some of our opponents' soldiers without even fighting for it! So what we need to do, is create a balance between aggression, and being careful. If our opponent has 1/5 of his entire army on the field, and we have an army that is not very good, but is not very bad either, we could easily attack. Because this way, we put military pressure on him, which he can only withstand by sending his total army to the battlefield. He won't be eager to do this, because with the remaining soldiers, he can still attack, and even win the game, while if he stands ground, he may be wiped out.

      As long as he gives up often enough, attacking him is a profitable move.
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    • swissmoumout
      Joined: 23.02.2007 Posts: 3,385
      You have WAY too much time on your hands :D
      Hmm, if I understood correctly, play TAG, but be more loose/aggressive when you have reads?
    • erob60
      Joined: 08.03.2007 Posts: 165
      Applies to late tournament strategy, not much else. If you can buy more troops, you don't need to fear losing them so much :rolleyes:
    • undercover82
      Joined: 09.12.2006 Posts: 813
      High ? :D
    • deathace
      Joined: 04.12.2007 Posts: 17
      And rake is the people who get accidentally killed during the harmless "battle"?:D
    • Yoghi
      Joined: 10.09.2007 Posts: 14,387
      Friendly fire obviously.
    • Kaitz20
      Joined: 02.02.2007 Posts: 27,343
      Nice post helenmaalnicks.
      Imo you could play and win war sometimes without having good soldiers, cause you´re just general Patton and don´t care if the other player has well trained troops. The ground changes so quickly, that most of the cases you might achieve suggest against weak players who are scared privates and might leave behind tanks, simply you have shown strength at the end of the battle. Just remember to save the rest of your army, if the player have shown a lot of strenght.

      Ofcourse there are some exceptions, like blind general Annete_15 who seems acting according her insticts and she doesn´t mind if she send battle privates, tanks or civillians^^
    • helemaalnicks
      Joined: 21.09.2007 Posts: 7,195
      this is actually the way people should look at the s&g game imo. So many players make the rookie mistake of thinking that Texas NLHE is a card game. It's very important to understand that you play the game with the chips, and that they actually decide the outcome of the game.