Hey All.

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    • ExternalUseOnly
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      hey there.

      Its about time you said something its only taken you 5/6 months lol

      Let us know how its been going since you signed up
    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Yea, i guess its been a while!

      I signed up a while back, and totally forgot about it :(

      then i come here again, went to sign up and remember i had an account already! Time to put it to good use.
    • purplefizz
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      hey MattDenness,

      haha, warm welcome to the community! glad you finally found your way in. :D time to put it to good use indeed :D so, what are your plans now? i mean, did you even play before when you signed up? curious :f_biggrin:


      ps good spot there carl :tongue:
    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Yea, i've been playing Poker online for about 8 months now. my first 5-6 months i was losing but i've read a few books, played more and finally turned over a nice profit this month, I got told that Video Training i the best way to improove, so here i am.

      Just recieved my Free $50 For William Hill, but feels wierd playing in $0.2/$0.4.

      Also, the Software alows you to play Blackjack and Roulette with this free $50? Is this allowed or does it go against the T&C's? Feels wierd that im limited to $0.2/$0.4 but im allowed to put £1 on Roulette?