Thank you PS!

    • Jdimaggio
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      I was surprised to see my $50 capital in my FTP account this morning when I logged in. I have read a lot of the sss articles and like the approach, so I have began "testing the waters" with this approach by playing .5/.10 9 handed tables. So far I am up to $52 in my account after maybe 60-80 hands. I was up to $55 but I sat down at a table with $2.50 and the 3rd hand I got KK and got called by A-2o (!!!) after I pushed all in to a preflop raise. Needless to say, he turned an ace on me and that was that.

      But I just wanted to make this thread because I see a lot of "where is my $$ capital?!" threads and figured I'd make a thread to let people know that is legit and is a great site. Thank you ps, glad to be a part of a community of fellow poker enthusiasts.
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