FTP: Easy way to determine Strategy points earned?

    • Jdimaggio
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      So on Full Tilt Poker I read that you earn 1 Full Tilt Point per every $1 that is raked in. I read on PS.com that you earn 2 strategy points per every $1 raked in on Full Tilt Poker

      That being said, is safe to assume that if I have 36 Full Tilt Points, then I have $36 raked in at Full Tilt Poker? And assuming I had $36 raked in at Full Tilt Poker, I multiply that by 2 (36 x 2 = 72) and that's how many strategy points I have earned so far?
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    • thunderbird56
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      Hi Jdimaggio,

      No, that's not correct. Our point system is not equivalent to Full Tilt Point system, so you cannot calculate your StrategyPoints according to your Full Tilt Points.

      Good luck at the tables!