How to play 3of a kind :S?

    • ronuble
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      Hi guys :) im new in the international community of ps, but i need some advice so if someone can help me i will really appreciate it .
      Lately im having a really hard time playing "3 of a kind" , im so scared of the flush draws that i end up getting little value for over betting when i flop a set. Last week i only remember 3 sets that weren't cracked by flushes, and im really worried about that because i lost a bunch of mtt's with that kind of hand. What should i do ?

      How do u play a set (formed with a pocket pair) if there's a flush draw ? im in micro limits, so people really chase the flush till the river and hit it most of the time if i dont make a heavy bet in the flop and turn .

      Thanks in advance :) i hope this is enough information for u to help me.
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