Double or Nothing - Loosing bankroll

    • tomasves
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      I'm Tom I'm 19 and I come from Czech Republic and now finished high school but they won't tell us results sooner than 20th June so I have a lot of time to play poker.
      How do I came to poker. I first sports betting on bwin later tried poker here and loss about 25$ later I trained on play money and read some articles and started to play Sit and Go tournaments (1,2$). Few months and few articles later I switched to Double or nothing tourneys which better suited my playing style and I’m quite profitable in them. I’ve joined here few days ago, got starting capital in William Hill and discovered that I can’t play anything than DoNs successfully anymore.

      My poker goals are:
      :club: Build my bankroll on DoNs
      :club: Learn to play other SnG tourneys as well and maybe cash games too
      :club: Learn multitabling

      Real life goals:
      :diamond: find a job
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    • Salivanth
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      Hey Tom. The best way to learn multi-tabling is simply practice. Since you don't play many hands in a DoN, you can probably start by playing 2 tables right away and still be able to keep up with it. That's what I did in regular SNG's, worked fine.

      Good luck! If you want to try other SNG's, I recommend normal speed 9-man SNG's, they're pretty beginner friendly.
    • PeaceDate
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      Hi Tom. I used to play DONs at pokerstars before they gone. Its simple to build your bankroll, but you should play a lot. Good luck.
    • tomasves
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      Here is my DoN graph for last month:

      I'm playing in OnGame and I wasn't much succesfull in the beggining, it was cuased by playing with too many regulars then getting few bad beats, tilting and playing 3,3$ without big enough bankroll. Later I calmed down and it got better. ROI is -4% problem is 20% rake :s_mad: . But with 20$ from spring bonus I have 10$ profit.
      With 10% rake it would theoretically looked like this:

      (ROI 5%)

      So my plan is to get a bigger sample on DoNs 1,2$ and if everything goes well next hundred or two hundred tourneys I'll deposit 90$ and switch to 3,3$. As loosing player I also temporary gave up multitabling.

      Here is a picture of my best hand yet (almost royal flush)

      and here one of my biggest fail:

      Where I was aiming to shortstack and completely forgot about other guy from who I could get more chips.

      My cashgames look much worse (iPoker):

      Caused by: playing like fish, bad beats and much more playing like a donk :f_biggrin:

      About RL I go to job interview in the middle of July.

      My poker goals are:
      :club: Play more DoNs until I'll be sure I can safely deposit 90$

      Real life goals:
      :diamond: Succeed in job interview