[NL2-NL10] QQ vs KK

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    • Dragar
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      Hi when evaluating this hand please also consider my previous hand where I folded qq Pre-flop after 4-bet. This hand describes the exact situation I want to avoid and get away from and why I don't flat 3-bets holding qq and either fold them or go broke Pre.
      Would it not be better to 4 bet fold with good reads on villain Pre since we would be saving roughly 70bb?
    • fryandspicy
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      Over 15 hands your stats can't tell us much except that he knows that raising is better than calling and he might not be exceedingly loose. I would peg him as TAG rather than maniac for safety's sake. Preflop I'd probably just get it in versus an unknown. We do have position and can therefore try to play postflop as well if you like.

      The flop is very dry with no overcards so it's basically gin for QQ. Calling for pot control makes sense because raising is overvaluing your hand, there are no draws and we can let him hang himself with Jx or a bluff. It does get unpleasant if the turn is a K or A though.

      The turn card means he's either bluffing or he has a better hand than us now. Your decision should be between calling and folding. Raising is probably terrible because he'll never call with worse than QQ and never fold with better. So you made a mistake there. Against an unknown it's probably safest just to pitch it here because otherwise we'll have to call the river bet even though it's literally impossible for a normal person to bet the river with worse than QQ here. Always sickening to fold such a strong hand but it is essentially a bluff catcher at this point, not much better than 77.
    • veriz
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      Hello bonecore,

      should i have raised flop?

      Raising on flop wont bring you much. Rather just Call and play further streets and maybe even let him continue with his bluffs.

      should i folded turn ?

      Raising is a bit overplayed while he wont continue here with a lot worse anyways. Therefore I would either consider folding, which likely against his line seems to be more reasonable than Calling. Don't think that he would 2nd barrel on such a board with pure air so often anyways to make it a profitable play.

      Best regards.