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      Hi Saruniks,

      Maybe you'll get a faster reply in this thread ASK ME! Heads Up Questions

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      Hey, where are you playing? Full Tilt? Is it Turbo sng?
      I'm currently playing 6-dollar ones as well. I have a bankroll of 700. I think that is enough to play 11 dollar ones. Also depends on how many tables do you play. I used to play 2 HU tables but I switched just to 1 to make the best adjustments and make the best decisions...
      I just withdrawed 500 from FTP bc i dont feel 100% safe there, that leaves me with 220 and I will continue playing 6 dollar ones until I reach 350 at least. Then I will move to 11 buy-in.

      If you would feel comfortable to play 11$ then I think you should switch to those since you bankroll is big enough for it.
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      Well, it depends, but here's a pretty good guide for reg speed semi conservative bankroll management based on a 30BI rule.
      You should adjust for higher variance games like turbos (maybe 50BIs)/superturbos(at least 100BIs)

      Stake Move Up Move Down
      $1.10 $64.50
      $2.15 $157.50 $43
      $5.25 $315 $105
      $10.50 $630 $210
      $21 $945 $420
      $31.50 $1575 $630
      $52.50 $2520 $1050
      $84 $3150 $1680
      $105 $6300 $2100
      $210 $4200

      So your roll of $950 (assuming you play reg speeds) would allow you to start playing the $31.50 games, and to move up to the $50s when you hit $1575 or drop down to the $21s if you drop the $630.

      I hope that makes sense, of course you can use a more or less aggressive BRM plan depending on how confident you are in your skills.

      You can also check out this bankroll calculator on the Risk Oriented site:

      Hope that helps

      EDIT: My br table didn't post the way I wanted it to :( maybe you can still decipher it, but if not I have it in a graph somewhere which I can try posting.
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      thanks, I think it's too aggresive for my skill, but it shows a lot information needed.

      I wouldn't be with that roll if I couldn't understand that simple table :f_biggrin:
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      Originally posted by Saruniks
      I wouldn't be with that roll if I couldn't understand that simple table :f_biggrin:
      To be fair I confused the heck outta myself trying to type it up :)