I am a part time recreational poker player. Started online with Stars then moved over to FTP (where I have rakeback) and had a a short try on Party Poker (never deposited) and Absolute but stayed on FTP until I found PS.com.

Since finding PS.com I took my $50 starting capital on William hill and then 1st deposit bonus and after that tried Everest for 1st deposit. I didn't mind either but found the volume kind of low at the stakes I am playing.

I play a mix of mainly STT's $5 - $10 limits and BSS NL10 (both Holdem) but don't do a lot of volume as I have a family and a job so poker is only a hobby. Up to now I have had mixed results and am basically lifetime break even player.

I really did like FTP but am basically ready to move on after black friday and the current debacle with players funds and want to be on a site that builds my PS Points too.

My question is which site do people recommend and why. If you respond please include what game(s) / stakes you play and how you find the software / game softness / volume / incentives overall.

Any feedback is appreciated!