HEM - HUD for 9 man SNG

    • KillerFishes
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      I wanted to ask you how to make HUD based on players playing on each table ..

      I've read somewhere it is possible ... I mean you start SNG 9man and you have HUD for 9 guys .... 1 is knocked out so 8 is remaining ... => HUD changes to 8 guys HUD :)

      Do you know how to make it? I need it so I will have more accurate stats for each level .. thx :)
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    • akrammon
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      It's in the HUD options > Additional HUD filters.
      I suggest putting the early levels together, and middle levels together too. Example: 7-9 handed together, 5-6 handed together. Bubble, 3-handed and HU can be separate. Actually, they should be :)