explanation for donk move

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      Have you ever had a hand where a guy calls a preflop allin raise and a caller with 52o in the early/middle stage of an MTT? And he did this with a mid stack and thus was not necessary at all ? Of course you have!

      Have you ever sat there wondering, "What on earth would make this guy do such a stupid thing?

      Well, if you were playing against me today and wondered why I did this, here is my explanation...

      We just put the baby (17 months old) to bed. He seemed okay so I fired up the laptop because my grandmother was sleeping in the computer room. My wife and I went downstairs to the tv room and she watched tv while I played. I fired up 4 MTT SNG on Pokerstars. Just when the blinds were starting to get serious, he woke up. My wife went up to try and soothe the baby but she was pissed off because I was playing tournaments and not cash games so I could not get out of playing. Right there, I should have known I was going to lose. My wife + poker = hackbinder loses.

      About 5 minutes later my wife came down with the baby because he wasn't going to go back to sleep for a while. He watched tv for a while but needed a diaper change. My wife made snarky comments about how I "can't" help out and said that my son was more important (a low blow, I think) than poker. So while she is changing his diaper, he wriggles free and comes to the laptop. I'm in the middle of four hands and I'm assuming that my wife will grab him. She doesn't exactly rush to get him. So just as I move my hand to stop him, he hits the keyboard and puts me allin, calling a preflop allin raise and another caller with 52o in the early/middle stage of an MTT.

      So, whose fault is it? My grandmother's, of course, because if she wasn't visiting, I would never have used the laptop, and thus, the baby would have never kicked it.


      Maybe this explains other people's donk moves better?

      So the next time someone does something inexplicable, I will assume the baby did it, and thus refrain from berating the man/woman and calling him a donk/fish/stupid idiot etc etc etc.

      Actually, I wouldn't mind hearing other people's accidental donk moves.

      Not misclicks, but actual wierd things that made you make a donk move by accident.
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      lol, very funny.
      I enjoyed reading it. :)
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      i think the one with 52o was watching Phil Ivey's move against Lex Veldhuis just before he played. Unfortunately, his delivery was little off from the original
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      A couple of weeks ago.. I was in 3rd place in a $11 tourney $1000 guaranteed on partypoker, blinds were, well I can't remember, but there were maybe 30 players left, this asian chick calls me and says come on over says "I'm Lonely", so what a dilemma I'm in, so I looked at computer screen than at the phone. so I said "F#ck It" .... left the game and got some Guaranteed Action, and my rudderless stack of chips came in 11th place for $22.50