Triple draw pop quiz

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      A rarely played variant of poker is called "five card triple draw", in which a player receives 5 cards and is allowed to exchange a certain number of cards in between betting rounds three times. All hands are face down, but you do have information about how many cards each player exchanges each time and you could try to develop a read on his hand.

      It's not too difficult, but I'm still in my exam period so any excuse for not going back to my books is a good one and I thought it might be fun to see whether you got the insight to read your opponent in a game that at first sight seems "low information"

      Exchanges only (bluffs excluded) - Villain is straight forward

      a) Villain exchanges 2/2/0
      b) Villain exchanges 3/2/0
      c) Villain exchanges 3/3/2
      d) Villain exchanges 1/1/1 (little action on all streets)
      e) Villain exchanges 1/1/1 (lots of action on all streets)
      f) Villain exchanges 3/1/1
      g) Villain exchanges 2/1/1

      Answer in white (do not quote, search for yourselves)

      a) Trips / Trips / Quads or FH (very low double f-draw/double f-draw/flush chance)
      b) Pair / Trips / Quads or FH
      c) Pair / Pair / Trips min
      d) OESD-FD / OESD-FD / 18-20 % chance Flush-Straight, 27 % 1 pair, most likely high card
      e) Double pair / Double pair / 9 % chance FH, 91 % Double pair (quads ?)
      f) Pair / Double Pair / 9 % chance FH, 91 % Double pair (quads ?)
      g1) Trips / Trips / Trips min
      g2) Pair + A / DP / DP min
      g3) Double F draw / F draw / Flush (20 %)

      I might modify and add some more quizzes about this or other games and go a little more in depth if people like to think about other variants of poker and betting patterns associated. :D
      In order to be a good poker player, you need to develop insights in my opinion, that sometimes go beyond what's thought of a purely "necessary" ... gotta train the mind for patterns and situations, to get your intuition right when you don't have time to calculate any odds.
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      i got right:

      a, b, c, d, e, f, g1 and g3.

      villain is straightforward therefore in e and f he does not have quads. this is because if he has quads he will stop drawing.

      did not figure villain would draw two cards to a flush, but it is likely of course.