Confused about William Hill

    • TwiztedLogic
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      I sent the following email to William Hill :


      I got my free $50 starting capital through Poker Strategy. I have done well and have worked my bankroll up to $360.

      I used to be able to play in $0.0.05/$0.10 NL cash games – which is within the accepted bankroll management rules of Poker Strategy. But for last few days it will not let me sit at these tables. It’s says “Seat denied - Bankroll too small. According to Poker rules” etc etc

      But their rules state I can play in :

      • Hold'em Fixed Limit: Blinds up to $0.10 / $0.20
      • Hold'em No-Limit: Blinds up to $0.05 / $0.10
      • Hold'em Sit n Go's / Tournaments: Buy-In up to $1 (plus fees)
      Please can you tell me what is going on?

      I got this reply which doesn't really answer my question - why can't I sit at $0.05/$0.10 tables? Actually I cant even sit at a $0.02/$0.05 table - which is well within the PokerStrategy bankroll managment rules? Can anybody shed any light?:

      Dear *****,

      This is Ruby from the Customer Services Team.

      In order for us to update your account, you have to fulfill one of the following criteria:

      - generate $50 rake and fee
      - Play for 30 days actively for real money at William Hill with poker income at of least $0.01
      - Deposit at least $100
      - Play 1000 raked hands

      Your understanding is greatly appreciated.
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    • TwiztedLogic
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      could you guys shed any light on this matter. Am I missing something?

      Help much appreciated

    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Perhaps you should check your history.

      You may be up by $300, but $50 Rake is still alot to achieve, try to find out.
      The second point, Have you played for 30 Days? Maybe it means 30 Days in profit too by 0.01? Not sure.
      Deposit at least $100 - You could just put $100 of your own cash on, and dont include it in your bankroll, and then just deposit it later (Works for me on Depsoit Bonus'
      Playe 1000 Hands, check ure hand history? although id imagine you have done this.

      If you find one of them is passed, email them again saying so, and see their responce.
    • TwiztedLogic
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      I understand the restriction. As I have not achieved any of the critera yet - the restiction on my limits cannot be removed - the thing I am getting at - is while the restriction is in place the rules say that I can only play on $0.05/$0.10 tables and below. But it wont let me sit at these tables. But just a few days ago I could. So it's all a bit strange.

      P.S. I won the $300 by coming 1st in a trny not by playing cash games. - so I know I still have a way to go to reach the required rake
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi TwiztedLogic,

      This is a strange one. I'm assuming that your bankroll is still there and you haven't withdrawn anything yet?

      I would also understand it if you had for example registered for a $300 buyin tournament leaving only a small amount in your available bankroll, but I'm again assuming this isn't something that you are likely to have done. =)

      It's difficult to tell what exactly the problem is from here though of course, unless another member has had a similar experience and can help to enlighten us?

      If after logging out, waiting a couple of minutes and then logging back in again, the problem persists I would recommend contacting WH's support team again and ask them to check your account in a little more detail.

      Let us know how you get on, if you experience any difficulties then we'll see if our Community Manager Ingrid or one of the other Head Admins can do anything to help.

      Best regards,


      p.s. Congrats on the tourney win :s_thumbsup: well played
    • datsmahname
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      I also started at WH recently. As soon as I had paid $50 in rake i was able to move up.

      It really just took like 3 weeks of playing the cash games, but i was playing limit holdem at .1/.2
    • belayd
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      Email William Hill a simple question such as: "Why can't I register for the 10NL games? DON'T COPY AND PASTE YOUR ANSWER OFF A SCRIPT PLEASE." (The latter can be very important when dealing with any Level 1 support person.)

      If the response is still not satisfactory, try creating a support ticket here on PS. Just click on the Help tab at the top right.
    • purplefizz
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      hey guys,

      i remember that one of our starting platforms (i think it was William Hill), just recently revised their restrictions which might explain why you cannot play on NL10 anymore. i will get confirmation on this and get back to you.

      btw, congrats on the tourney! :D

    • MarcPS
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      Hi folks,

      I can confirm that the bankroll protection limits have been shifted downward since May 30th on William Hill for NL games only.

      You should still be able to play up to $0.02/$0.04 NL, but if you're having problem here, please let me know.

      Please note that other stakes/limits are not affected by this change.