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    • Rammie
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      I only play a bit of micro-stakes and Titan Poker gave me an invite to freeroll Satellite to their 250k guaranteed, I managed to win it so I have a ticket to a $200+15 tournament which is way out of my league :f_o:

      Do any of the guys who play these kind of MTT's a lot have any hints what kind of mistakes they see a lot from people in my situation or what is the best way for me to play, its 10k starting stack so super deep which I havnt experience of either :f_eek:

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    • RedHeater
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      I'm not going to give specific advice because I am hardly an expert in MTTs. I have been in your position, having played in a couple of such higher stakes events. What I would say is that I was surprised how many weak players there were. Less good players still get in those events - probably via satellites, or because they are rich. I wouldn't allow yourself to be overly intimidated.

      The best players are going to be better than the best players at lower stakes, but there are still going to be fish.
    • brobz
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      Play your most conservative game, and don't be scared nobody knows your play but you(until you start showing hands) so don't feel over intimidated, you have a great chance to make some change so just play tight and make it your goal to make it ITM, once that happens its a good profit so you can take more chances and try to make that final table

      Good Luck ;)

      I still have one token left for that tourney so I am going to try it again soon hopefully I can make it

      I think the blinds are even 20 min, with a 10k stack you have TONS of play so don't feel pressured like a regular tourney
    • ihufa
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      pretend it's a 5$ tourney
    • Alficor1
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      I think going allin every hand should be standart in these tournaments. And if you happen to bink it, put it all on red.