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ID Check... Confused!

    • adelbertusleo
      Joined: 03.06.2011 Posts: 2

      I got a ticket which tell me to send scan of my ID. So I scanned my Driving License.

      I openned the page ( and choice 2 files from my computer (front and back of my Driving License as asked).

      It seems like the files has transfered. BTW, after it done, there are 2 small pics (my uploaded pics) at the box. I'm confused because the there are "cross sign" at the top of these pic. And beside, there is a button at the below "Leave Page and Start ID Check".... Hey! I just uploaded the files, no? what kind of check you need more? or I was failed to upload the files?

      Please, response to me.
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    • ExternalUseOnly
      Joined: 30.01.2010 Posts: 3,373
      Hey there,

      Im sorry i dont completely understand the problem im sure someone will come by this thread after me and help you out more.

      You could write the support team a ticket in the help section to say you tried to upload your pics of ID and explain to them what you have written in here they will be able to tell you if it worked properly and if not im sure they will give you a step by step guide to help you out but it is weekend so they may take a little longer than normal to reply

      Good luck with it all
    • belayd
      Joined: 17.03.2011 Posts: 1,021
      It's possible that the file sizes of your scanned pics is too large. Check whether there are maximum file size restrictions on the pics you can upload.

      Otherwise create a support ticket. Just click on Help at the top right of this page.
    • adelbertusleo
      Joined: 03.06.2011 Posts: 2
      Thanks EUO and belayd for your reply.

      I sent them ticket and it seem they received my files. But it not approved. :-(
      It's sad. I sent them my real ID but they think I'm a fraud, and they dont give me chance to prove it more.

      OK, I maybe just have to leave this site. I'm not lucky with PS. This is a wonderful poker site, but its not for me. Bye

      Belayd, I dont think the files (2 files) are too big. It's only about 2 x 1.3M = 2.6M

      I guess the problem was because I was not registered with my full name. The form only ask me "First Name" and "Last Name" and my name at my driving license contains with 3 words (there is "Middle Name") .

      Never mind it happen :-)
      I know this is a legitimate site because a friend of me received the bankroll. I'm simply not lucky.
    • PMental
      Joined: 22.04.2008 Posts: 33
      Consider signing up for a poker room via PokerStrategy anyway, depositing your own money. This is still by far one of easiest way to get access to a LOT of great study material to improve your poker game (not to mention coaches and hand history analysis). And if you're going to be playing anyway why not earn strategy points while doing it?
    • vonki
      Joined: 18.03.2008 Posts: 6,091
      Hello adelbertusleo!

      I'm sad to hear you didn't get approved. However this happens sometimes, and as much as we would like to give you a second chance we simply can't. We hope you can understand.

      But just as PMental is saying, there is so much useful stuff around here that you don't need a starting capital for, but simply a tracked account!

      I myself personally think that the startingcapital is only a small piece of what we have to offer here. I lost my startingcapital due to lack of knowledge. So did many of us. We were then able seek and find the knowledge we needed here, and were able to slowly but steadily build up much bigger bankrolls!

      As am I sure you can too!

      Good luck either way, and all the best,
    • MarcPS
      Joined: 09.11.2010 Posts: 1,077
      Hi adelbertusleo,

      Unfortunately your account did not pass our ID check and the decision taken by our security team cannot be reversed. Furthermore, we are unable to disclose any information about the decision taken by our security team.

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      I'm sure that if you are able to make a deposit, you'll see that we have a lot to offer you, first and foremost the great community that you can see in the thread with all the helpful replies, in addition to the great poker education that we offer.

      @everyone else: thanks for the helpful replies!