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      I thought I'd break away from the masses and not title this thread 'Hello!' :rolleyes:

      I came across Poker Strat when downloading an ICM program that came from this site. I had no idea there was such a large community (and the $50 for passing the test is nice :P ).

      I've ghosted a few threads today and there seems to be a nice community here. I really like the uniqueness of the avatars. I know that on 2+2 the majority of the avatars are of clevages, which I'm not complaining about mind, but it's nice to see that this forum has some class. Also, your avatars act as a kind of barometer of your success, and thus the validity of your advice. I'm glad that we don't have to use postcount + joindate to guess if a posters advice is worth taking - many 2+2'rs have 2000+ postcount but are still losing players. I'd imagine that most gold+ members here are winning players, so your advice holds a lot more water.

      I have a question; apart from the avatars, and the $50 freeroll, considering the size of 2+2's forum. What separates this forum from the rest? What makes you want to be apart of this community, more so than 2+2? I'd imagine that most of you have accounts on both, but surely there must be a defining advantage or quality that you feel PS has over 2+2, right?

      I'm a beginner player, no doubt about it. My brother got me into it after I saw him bink $3k in a few tornys and rise through 2nl to 25nl+. He advised me to start posting in forums and talk more about theory than just watching DC videos and playing. I think I have a fair grasp of the Micros, but I'll put down my ego (the biggest cause of my tilt! hence the new screen name) and try to learn from other people's thoughts.

      I hope this wasn't too much of a ramble. Thanks for reading.

      - R4Z
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      hey r4z nice to meet you.

      I dont use 2+2 never have ive had a look through once every few months but i think PS is so much more of a friendly community, what ive seen from 2+2 is that a lot of people want to prove to everyone else that they know the most and everyone else is wrong.

      Here at PS there is always someone to help you out however much of a noob you are.

      The learning materials are as awesome as the staff and community members i also think its a lot easier on the eye than 2+2

      Im sure there is loads im missing.

      Also there are a few players on here that are bronze becuase they are playing on an untracked account but are still more of a winning player than some platinums plus i think all poker players comments are useful whatever their experience the more everyone has discussions the more you all learn :f_cool:

      Hope i made sense here lol where you from by the way?
    • Reaching4Zen
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      Thanks for the reply.

      Ahh that makes sense. Can we only be tracked on our accounts if we use the referral bonus? I guess that would be the only logical way.

      Your post made sense. I'm from the UK.
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      Hey, Zen,

      Our PS level indicates how much income we have generated for PS through rakeback. It does not necessarily tell you whether we are winning players. It would make sense that the higher level a member is, the higher stakes they play, but in some cases members are able to deposit larger amounts and able to play higher stakes under proper BRM (bankroll management). Those players achieve higher status faster despite some of them still being losing players. Also, as EUO said, some members are bronze despite being hugely profitable simply because they don't play on tracked accounts. If you want to evaluate member advice, look at the content carefully and read the member's blog (if s/he has one) in the blogs area of the forum.

      I have only a little experience with 2+2 forum but have heard that it's extremely unfriendly to newcomers and that its members quarrel incessantly. Please let me know whether I'm wrong about that. In the meantime I'm very happy on PS. :) Hope that you'll be happy here too.