Hello everyone, I wanted to start a blog long time ago, but I was doing good at NL20 and I forgot about the blog. But after I attempted to beat NL50 SH, and I failed , I decided to start my own blog, in wich i will post hands that I will play starting from NL20 SH and hoping to reach at least NL100SH. I will be playing mostly 4 tables for maximum concentration.
In this blog I will write my thoughts that I will appear in my head during my play.

My main goal of this blog is to improve my game, and understand poker much better. I also want to discus different poker concepts.

Hope that you guys, will find my blog interesting, and I also hope that this blog will help other players that are stuck at the micro-limits to find a lot of poker friends.

About me: My name Is Adrian, I am from Moldova, I am a student, I love competitive sports, I do mix martial arts and I’m also doing bodybuilding. I want to improve very much in poker because I love playing this game, and I want to do the best I can. I read articles, watch videos, post hands, but still I have difficulties to beat these stakes, I think that I am stuck at these limits because I don’t write about my thoughts, I don’t discus more deeply hands and concepts. I want to start discussing and gain knowledge that will allow me to beat the micro stakes.
I will post regularly interesting hands, graph, stats and I will comment them.

Current BR: 1200 Euro

Short term goals:

-move to NL50 BR 1500

-read and understand all the articles in the silver and gold section, if necessary rereading articles.

-watch videos, visit coaching’s,

-read other poker blogs, and be active on the forum

-eliminate leaks from my game

-play at least 1500 hands daily

Mid term goals:

-Improve my game and be a successful regular at NL100-200