Question for SNG grinders

    • hackbinder
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      I have a quick question.

      For cash games, for the most part, 50000 hands is considered a good sample size to assess your play.

      What is a good sample size for SNG and MTT?

      Is it games played? If it is, how many games would be considered a good sample?

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    • Laggsy
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      at say you need at least 1k games to start to tell maybe 3k+ to really know but im no expert.

      ExternalUseOnly said that. Pretty reliable i guess.
    • elfigus
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      It depends from your limit and sng's structure (normal, turbo, superturbo etc)

      btw from 5k to 15k should be ok :P
    • sirilidion
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      usely I hearr you need at least 1K games to see if yoo are a winning SnG player.

      When I ask Chenny8888 this once he said that you need 10K on a limiet to get close to your actual winrate on that limit. This was turbo's though don't really know about the other structures
    • hackbinder
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      Thanks for your time...

      I'm currently trying to build a sample playing NLHE 6 and 9 STT and MTT SNG 18, 27 and 45. All turbo except the 27 man.

      $1 - $3.50 BI depending on where my bankroll is.

      I've read Harrington on Hold Em Vol1, and I'm in the middle of Vol2. They were excellent books and I feel a renewed enthusiasm for SNG.