advice on poker plz

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      Hi all been on here a little while now and lost the $50 a while back and need abit advice all comments appriciated.

      So Im 25 and have been playing poker for 6-7 years with little success, years ago when I didnt have a baby and a family to care for and when I didnt have a care in the world all I would do is just play infact there wasnt a day went by when I didnt play poker.

      Im sure we have all had masterplans of becoming the next phil ivey in a short space of time well yer infact I have had that many plans I couldent tell you where to start but now after years of constantly thinking about the game I just wanna rest from forums, reviewing, reading, watching, and playing to a certain extent.

      I need abit of advice as I have a family now and they come first and have found it very difficult to find and plan my days for poker due to family life, Would like to hear from people in a similiar situation, people that work and have a family how do you all fit these things around each other. I still want to play and have little money to do so but do not wish to start so low and I find it to stressful, I want to play sng's OR mtt's but not on a big scale perhaps 10-20 games per month to start but don't really know what site or what games are or would be best, I have good knowledge of the game and play well when playing single games and would really like to fit a small amount of games in my life and it would have to be online. I deally I want to play $10+ games where I can just reload but I do want to play serious and will judge my results longterm.

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      Hiya bud,
      i posted on this site a few weeks ago about my marriage breaking up and one of the reasons was the amount of time i spent playing poker ( not solely, we would have seperated sooner or later anyway without the poker...see ARE YOU ADDITED TO POKER) . I too had a young child, so i really understand your concerns.

      I would say that as far as the financial side gose dont play with money you cant afford to lose. I would put £30 into any account win or lose on a friday and if it didnt last the week i would not play until the following friday. There fore i was putting in roughly £120-£150 a month depending on the amount of fridays. You would be surprised how long it can last and how it builds up if your a winning player.

      Tell your wife this so as she knows money will be there for her and the baby and that you have the financial side of poker sorted. Also tell her what nights your going to play and what nights your having off to spend time with the two of them and make a little time for your one to one with her, when you do get time off enjoy it. Switch off from the poker mentally.

      If you win a sat and have to play on a different night, explain and swop a night over. I really think that what im saying is inform your misses as to what your doing and keep her up to date. She will trust you to carry on if she sees your sticking to some rules. When you win treat her nice, my new misses is on 10%........pisses me off as she loves to buy fecking shoes that i always seem to trip

      With the nipper, dont play any game when he/shes about to go to will blow your concentration, i found this difficult myself....a good routine for the tiny one will help you settle too.

      Has for the poker side and what you should play, well, thats up to you, if you make a profit then all well and good... i play more live and it always runs late and is not good when you have a young mistake and i do regreet it loads..

      I have it sorted at the mo, the new woman in my life has two kids, 5 & 3, and and i have my own daughter twice a week, i play live 2-3 nights, online 2-3nights, but only to a total of five and the kids are tucked up for the night before i go out.........problem is i tend to wake them if ive had a winning night........not to often

      In all honesty, run it like a strict buisness, a professional buisness with all the i's dotted and t's crossed and you shouldnt have a problem.

      Hope this helps and believe me.....YOUR NOT ON YOUR OWN WITH THESE SORT OF

      keep safe have fun and keep smileing....laters...... :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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      I have a missus, 2 young kids and a job - I manage 60-70k hands of cash each month playing 6-9 tables but the missus is quite understanding. She believes I actually have a chance of making some decent cash so is quite supportive.

      If you're playing sng's then 10-20 a month is really a waste of time in terms of improving as a player and making money. For fun of course it's no problem, entirely up to you what you do but 2-300 sng's a year isn't enough. To give you an idea, in sng's you need a sample of at least 1k games just to know if you can beat a limit and honestly, 1k+ game downswings\break even stretches are entirely possible.

      As I said before, if you're playing for fun then none of this matters, just play what you enjoy when you can. If you want to one day make some $$ from poker then it's time to sit down and really think about whether or not you can do it and how you plan to go about it... You will definitely need some support from the wife because imho you'll need to put at least 50hrs a month in at the tables\studying - Obv. learning to multi-table would be a must just to get the required volume in.
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      Job + family -> Rush! Works for me.
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      cheers for the replies lads, I wouldent say I was addicted as even when I adopted brm online about a year ago I still said to the missus 2days off every week and she was happy and she knows she will get a chunk of winnings also not very often.

      Ever since we had our son I always just used whatever was left after bills been paid etc and tbh thats about the same amount of money I have available and was just gonna save till end of this month to deposit and play $15 sng's on stars. I have tried the $50 thing so many times and made it to 1k numerous times but my genorosity gives in and I cash out. But latley I moved to cash and clearly did not have the patience for it so I think at this stage in my life sng's are ideal.

      Great advice Neil and thanks wurble I agree its not enough of a sample size but Im just sick of playing so low I know I can beat the micros so just thought I could play a steady game at the low levels and if my roll grows early and I will deff play more games its just the start will be a slow process if you get me?. I envy you for putting that many hands in you have it sussed at home I imagine and multitabling in no problem I have ninja and holdem and can do up tp 15 tables usually block them.

      Gonna check out what I want to do, I do know I want to play a game with as much skill as possible ie no turbo's and will wanna play 18,27 and 45 mans but I really dont know I might get the urge to start at the $7 games on stars. Really appriciate the advice top lads gl also.
    • machine85
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      also rush poker is not what Im aiming for but I can see why it works lol
    • thazar
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      Originally posted by jbpatzer
      Job + family -> Rush! Works for me.
    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Hyper-Turbo SnG ? They take 15 Min Max, you can sneak some of them in im sure ;)
    • MarcPS
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      Hi machine,

      I guess we might know each other? Maybe you know pleno1 too, I guess.

      I think in your circumstances, your family has to come first. Of course, the guys are right, hyper-turbo SNGs or rush probably fit your schedule the best.

      Also, I think there is a wholeload of skill in hyper-turbos, but they have more variance I guess, so you might not be able to put in the require amount of volume to show profit.

      Maybe just schedule one hour/week, every 2 weeks when you can just play.

      Shoot me a mail/PM if you want to talk more mate, has been a while ;)

      glglglglgl with getting back on track and love to the family :)

    • machine85
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      hey mul hows it going cheers think ourlass is more than happy to have me play just not alllllll the time which is fair enough, for me its really hard as the soon as you start taking it just abit serious the mental strain from everything like work, family, which makes it 10 times easier for a family man to tilt.

      I know that starting at micro levels is a steady grind but am sure I can beat most of these levels so wanna start with low volume at the low sng's and as soon as I start showing a profit I will play more volume otherwise I will just re deposit, I am hitting the top end of my budget so to speak which is not very much. Im surprised by my own reaction to poker as Im very relentless and have been for years in what I want to achieve it just seems I go in alot of circles but I suppose we all learn whats best for us so Im gonna start playing sng's again thanks for you relpies take care marc.
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      i have a family too, taking care of a young baby. i dont want to lose my way or forget what's really important.
      so i wrote down my priorities, in order. that helps me when i need to make decisions on what i need to do now.
      also time management. (what i wish i had) :)
      also took time to improve my mindset. (really helpful)