what's bad about you rival site?

    • belayd
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      There's another site that uses a model similar to PS called [Edited by EagleStar88], but it appears to be a pure affiliate rather than a training site.

      Anyone want to tell me why it's a bad idea to have anything to do with them?
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    • L3ST
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      It's a totally different bussines model. Basicly PS offers better community and above all, education in your pokah that makes you a shark. BR M just subaffiliates and are based on fish.
      Anyway, don't think mods would appreciate us discussing different bussines models on free bankrolls so I'll wrap it up.
    • belayd
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      The mods shouldn't have a problem with us discussing why a rival business model is bad.

      Anyway, thanks for the information.
    • ExternalUseOnly
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      The other sites like that only offer you the chance to play not the opportunity to learn to play well like PS does just look at everything pokerstrategy gives back to you and every other member for simply using their codes and generating rake.

      Not only do you learn from articles, videos, FREE professional live coachings, private coachings if you wish, but also a chance to learn from the other members here.

      This is a great community where there is always somebody to have great conversations/debates with which helps your game grow even more each time you have one.

      I cant say the other sites business models are bad just that Pokerstrategy's is a hell of a lot better for anyone who wants to become a great pokerplayer
    • Waiboy
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      Hi folks

      No problem discussing other business models, but identifying competitor affiliate sites by name (which is advertising them, no matter what the tone of the post) is against the forum principles.

      I've asked for this thread to be modified to remove the name of the competitor.

      Trust you folks understand.
    • belayd
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      Sorry about that, I wasn't aware of the specific rule about that.

      Anyway, thanks for the wealth of information.
    • IngridN
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      Hi belayd,

      I can help you with that, here is a link to our Forum principles which you can find in the Beginners Questions board as a sticky note. You can also read The PokerStrategy.com Bonus and Promotion Policy once you there.

      Of course, you are welcome to discuss other business models but please try not to mention other affiliates names on this forum for obvious reasons.


      @ everyone else, you guys are wonderful and we thank you for the kind input.