How to defend from blind position?

    • patszerdonk
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      I played about 500 hands today and according to Elephant my stats:
      VP$IP: 39.7%
      PFR : 34.7%
      Open raise late position: 53.9%
      Fold SB to Steal: 53.9%
      Fold BB to Steal: 100%

      It seems I have leaks at blind defend. Anyone have suggestion how to playing from blinds?

      reference for your sugestions:
      I am a beginer, playing 2NL 6man. I am LAG, understand "position", and playing postflop quite well ( I think :D )

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    • Wurble
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      Erm I dunno if you're showing a profit over a decent sample but playing close to 40% of hands against players that can't fold is a disaster waiting to happen imho. At nl2 sh I think 17\14 does the job nicely, looser is ok but not too much ;)

      With regard to blind defence... well, using a hud is a good idea for this but try 3betting more - I used to 3bet suited aces, 22-66 and of course value hands like AK\QQ\AA\KK from the blinds to a button steal. Provided villain folds to 3bets then this is +ev. You can 3bet suited connectors too if you wish but be careful not to get too spewy, it is nl2 after all and this play isn't necessary to make a nice profit.

      I played close to 100k hands at nl2 at 5bb\100 with practically no variance just playing very tight and aggressive - no need to lag it up. I realise a much better win rate is possible but as I said, I experienced practically no variance playing like this because the players are so awful. I did find though that I had to make a lot of changes when I moved to nl5 just to beat the limit so maybe it's best to make some of these changes at nl2 first, I dunno.

      It's also worth noting that 500 hands isn't really enough to draw any conclusions about your play in different spots... 10k would be a good starting point to really start homing in on your positional leaks but the more hands the better generally.
    • patszerdonk
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      Actually I have a decent profit, but with very small sample ( up $9 after 1.500 hands. Sorry no actual record because I lost my database when upgraded Elephant). I agree with you that there is no need to play loose at my level and I consider it as my leak. I'll fix it soon. My goal is between 20/15 and 25/20.

      Thanks for you advices, very valuable!