[NL2-NL10] Live poker $1/$3 hand, TT

    • elhh82
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      100 bb stack, playing $1/$3 live in Vegas, which is probably like NL10 online or worse

      MP opens 5bb (seems kinda aggresive but new at table.
      CO flats
      I'm BU with TT.
      I squeeze to 20bb
      Both flat.

      Flop J 2 7

      MP checks, CO bets 33bb, what now?

      I opted to flat it, and then MP min raises.

      I guess I'm fucked now, but can I fold here for such huge pot odds? A call is basically as good as going all in
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    • veriz
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      Hello elhh82,

      What are the suits on flop? The problem is that if it's dry then we could easily just put ourselves into marginal spots. There aren't that many hands that he would donk. And unless we really know him more psotflop I wouldn't really Call.

      We could easily be even against some TP type of hand. And mostly what we beat here is some weaker PP or some draw. Although when it's dry then we don't beat much. We could as well be easily against sets/TP. Therefore I'd just fold on flop without knowing the opponent more.

      Best regards.