In my session today I was at a table that limped a lot. No cards to raise, no reason to use position raises with semi-trash since they wouldn't fold. They stacked off pretty light post-flop with really bad equity.

Would it be profitable to limp every pocket pair with trash hands like JTT2 1 suit and just bet pot when I hit set? That's middle set/top set only.

The idea occured to me when I folded the previous mentioned hand, would have made top set on flop and 4 out of 7 villains shoved preflop ( 1 full stack, one 80BB and 3 shortstacks ). Made quads on turn and 100BB villain shoved to the 90BB stack for his last chips with middle set.

This is aimed to micro stakes players, since higher stakes I doubt you'll see anything like this.

Hand history for backing up what I'm saying.

It might not happen often enough to be profitable, but I'm thinking short term here since I won't find tables like this one too often.

Grabbed by Holdem Manager
PL Omaha $0.06(BB) Pacific
SB ($3.17)
BB ($0.92)
Hero ($11.60)
UTG+1 ($8.23)
UTG+2 ($2.32)
CO ($5.27)
BTN ($1.67)

Dealt to Hero 2:spade: J:club: T:heart: T:club:

fold, UTG+1 calls $0.06, UTG+2 calls $0.06, CO calls $0.06, BTN raises to $0.39, fold, BB calls $0.33, UTG+1 calls $0.33, UTG+2 calls $0.33, CO calls $0.33

FLOP ($1.98) 7:club: T:diamond: 4:diamond:

BB checks, UTG+1 bets $1.98, UTG+2 calls $1.93 (AI), CO calls $1.98, BTN calls $1.28 (AI), BB calls $0.53 (AI)

TURN ($9.68) 7:club: T:diamond: 4:diamond: T:spade:

UTG+1 bets $5.86 (AI), CO calls $2.90 (AI)

RIVER ($15.48) 7:club: T:diamond: 4:diamond: T:spade: 6:club:

CO shows 5:club: 5:spade: 6:spade: J:heart:
(Pre 14%, Flop 10.8%, Turn 0.0%)

BTN shows 8:heart: 5:heart: 4:club: K:spade:
(Pre 12%, Flop 6.9%, Turn 0.0%)

BB shows 8:diamond: Q:club: J:diamond: 8:spade:
(Pre 17%, Flop 12.3%, Turn 3.6%)

UTG+1 shows 4:heart: 7:diamond: 7:heart: A:heart:
(Pre 26%, Flop 40.9%, Turn 85.7%)

UTG+2 shows 5:diamond: K:diamond: Q:diamond: Q:spade:
(Pre 31%, Flop 29.1%, Turn 10.7%)

UTG+1 wins $14.71