WOOT first time BSS goodness

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      So I was on xxx and I seen this ad for xxx. They give u $10 just to join, and I was still waiting for my pokerstrategy money. So I thought what the hell why not, since I was sick of play money games. I did what it asked and it took 72 hours to put the money in my account and by that time my pokerstrategy had arrived so I didn't go back until yesterday. I was practicing SNG's on it for a bit, just for fun. But today i watched all the BSS videos and read/re-read all the BSS articals but i was too scared to try it out. Then i remembered xxx and i thought I'll test it out on there so i don't have to risk my BR. So I bought in to a game with the max $5. I started playing by the BSS SHC I had open and on I went. The table was pretty lose, so I played it nice and tight. I played for about 30 min, and by the end I had taken the one guys entire $12 stack and two short stacks, plus a few really small pots.

      So $20 profit in about 30-40 min of play, It was a nice ice breaking to the BSS I think.

      PS. Sorry for the longish post but I don't have any friends who play poker, besides when we play for fun and I'm pretty happy with the results so I thought I'd share.

      Thanks for reading!
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