Howdy y'all!

    • cleanboy
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      Well just wanted to say hi i guess...

      Im pretty much thinking about playing poker full time and was wondering if there was many others here already doing that using the strategies here? Im starting on FL and just gonna see how that goes...

      Is there maybe a part of the forum with stories about people who play full time? It seems like a good idea but im fully aware that there can be highs and mega lows...

      BTW reading that I do sound like a total newb with poker haha...i have been playing for a while and have played casinos around the world while traveling just never thought about seriously doing it full time...thought I knew alot already but just reading through the strategy guides on here proved me wrong haha

      To admin sorry if this was maybe posted in the wrong place? please move/link to a better place for it if need be...

      And yeah lovin the site...looks like a lot of good resources cant wait to finally get onto the tables!
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    • IngridN
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      Hi cleanboy, (interesting name :D )

      Welcome to our community!

      Yeah, well I thought about moving your post but you know what? Its in the RIGHT place :)

      Yes, there are many full time players here and I would suggest you take a look at in our blog section to get to know the guys a little better. You'll see we are a very friendly community and everyone will support you and help out with any topics you may struggle with.

      You've been playing poker for a while now, have you had any bigger success?
      How is your game going?

      btw, have you seen Jared Tendler's thread? Now he can surely give you some great advice and also reading the posts from the others are very helpful already. We looooving that thread :f_love: Check it our here.

      OK wall of text TL,DR ^^

      Looking forward to see you on the forum!
    • pleno1
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      Howdy Cleanboy,

      It's great that you're not a know-it-all and that you are trying your best to improve and understand that you have to continue to keep learning to beat this ever developing game.

      You also seem like you have a good sense of humour (I hope your name isn't a joke though ;) ) so happy to have you on board :)