tortured reward

    • dubadal
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      7 hour long tourney. last 4 hours went like:

      1 time: push with mid-pair, double up
      1 time: steal blinds & antes with AA-QQ for 0 action
      1 time: pfr with AK and miss completely
      20 times: fold 94,83,2t etc etc get blinded from 50 to 20 bb

      rinse and repeat.

      and that's like 3+ hours in a row. I almost went insane. Had time to review a few hands on mtt forum though, which is always a nice thing to do..

      On the bright side, my carddeadnittiness amounted to 7th spot in 8k prize pool (3.3 + rb nlhe on ftp) for 240 ever green ones. Kinda happy, but then the torture...!!! :f_cool:
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