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Beginner guidance - tools / software & knowledge quizes

    • FlikstRR
      Joined: 08.09.2007 Posts: 23
      Ok so I have been playing a few weeks after being remotivated to learn/ improve/ do well. I played a few yrs back with average/ mild success doubling bankroll then loosing most of the profit and just 'forgetting about it'.

      About a month ago I decided to really 'go for it'. Ive been watchigna ton of live/TV coverage.. Ive been reading loads on here and just generally soaking up the news/scene/lifestyle via various news sites / poker sites.

      I have BR's on FTP, PS and Betfair (waiting for a bonus deal on Party from But soley focusing on FTP as its linked here.

      I have had a lot of success in MTT FR's (low cashes, but consistantly outlast 80% of field with just above average stack throughout) and pretty good ROI with low buy in $1+xx SnG's on both FTP and stars.. but im struggling on cash tables.

      I have PT3 and have been using it to track my hands since day one.. and its not pretty. :tongue: It starts off green and a pretty good up swing.. then inevitably ends in a massive downswing into the red. Both times after marathon 8hr grind sessons when I simple 'chase losses'..

      Im trying to follow the MSS from here but my discipline & knowledge is lacking.

      1/ Apart from PT3, where I currently only use it for hand records / winnings/ graphs but NOT the HUD, as I want to make myself take notes, learn to watch table etc what else do i NEED during live play?? Not post session analysis??

      I just DL'd Equilab after watching one of your videos as it seemed to do the same thing as equilator but with tests? Anything else?

      Apart from the usual 'read our articles and watch our vids' I Really want to find somewher that 'tests' the knowledge I hope to be picking up. I mean its easy to watch a vid or read and arcticle and hope to pick it up or understand it properly... .. its a whole differnt thing to 'use it' and to do properly.

      Do you have already or plan to create exams? simular to your $50 test? exams for direct subjects I mean?

      For example: counts Outs exams, calc Pot odds, calc hand odds/chance of hitting outs, fold/raise/shove basics on SSS or MSS or BSS etc etc etc.

      All of the above I'm aware of, and can 'do it' but A) not fast enough and times me out B) I get it wrong lol.. like the Outs.. I know how many cards I have as 'outs' when on the Flop but do I double it as turn/river still left? its still the same amount of cards.. ?(

      Sorry for rambling on.. but thought I had to give background to help see where I am as a player. TBH I probably need/watch full coaching but I dont have the money to pay pro's their scary fees. I'm so motivated its crazy, but just feel I need to soak in the 'correct' knowledge faster and with full guidance. :)

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    • MarcPS
      Joined: 09.11.2010 Posts: 1,077
      Hi FlikstRR,

      You can find a really good overview of our Quizzes here but other than that, my main advice to you would be to not tilt so hard/don't chase losses for 8 hours. It can be killer for you entire bankroll if you get into the 'I have to play till I break even/profit' instead of 'I have to play whilst I'm still playing my A game' mindset.

      As for the odds calculation question, I think these articles would help you understand it better:

      The other tool missing from your arsenal is Hand Evaluations. These are so important when you're learning the game imo, more important that videos/articles. Basically, the process is this:

      1. You post a hand you have some questions about in the forum.
      2. Professional and voluntary Handjudges (some of the best winners at your stakes) post their opinions.
      3. Discussion ensues

      You can read more about the Hand Judging process here:

      I hope that helps, please do ask if you have more questions and let us know how it goes!


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    • FlikstRR
      Joined: 08.09.2007 Posts: 23
      cheers Marc,

      Yeah your answer was great.

      I needed to learn to SCROLL DOWN on the Article page top find the quizes lol... perhaps worth ading an anchor to the stragegy sub-nav.. just for retards like me. :)

      The tilt thing I didnt view as tilt at the time as i thought i was making good descisions.. but i was 100% in the 'ill break even then stop' mindset. I'll be much more aware of this from now on.

      I'll check the odds/outs articles too. So much reading to do lol.

      The Hand Eval is also something I had read about here at so I have already started to collect/record a bunch of hands from my sessions. Mostly what I considered 'bad beats'.. but on reflection there were probably clues there for me to get away from it, I just lacked discipline.. or hands where I'm not even sure I should have played/ called/shoved etc..

      I could throw up like 8 hands at once.. but some might end up with same answers.. is it worht having someone review my 'collection' rather than each indiviual hand? EG can I 'Publish my hands' on my community/profile page?

      thx again
    • MarcPS
      Joined: 09.11.2010 Posts: 1,077
      in the main, each hand is 'different' and you can post them separately imo. There might be some hands where there are similar lines, but since the aim is to get you thinking about why X might be a better decision than Y rather than you reading: 'do X, it's the perfect line here' then it makes sense to look at hands together, too. Maybe by grouping those hands where you were in a similar spot, e.g. top pair on the river, villain donks into you, or so.

      Does that make sense?