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problems depositing via MB on PKR

    • JazBenz
      Joined: 09.02.2010 Posts: 298
      Hey guys, I have had this issue in the past but I just can't remember what the problem was back then, I think it just fixed itself. Anyway, I have been trying (for an hour now) to deposit on PKR via moneybookers. And so I click deposit and eventually it leads me to MB log in, so I log in and above it states the amount of money I want to deposit. So far so good. Then it shows me all the different payment methods with which I can upload money to my MB account. - So I choose: "Deposit from our site first." after that it shows me the amount of money I have in my MB account, which is more than enough to deposit.
      the following is the message under that option:

      "When you click 'confirm' you will be redirected to our main site where you can choose from a wider variety of payment methods. After having successfully funded your Moneybookers account, you will need to return to the checkout page of the Merchant, choose to pay via Moneybookers, and complete the payment. "

      So now my problem is, how the hell can I get to the checkout page of the merchant?? I even uploaded 1 EUR hoping it would finally redirect to PKR but it just wont. So I contacted PKR support chat to help me and after a long while they told me I should contact MB and that it is their problem. I have also used all 3 browsers, google chrome, firefox, IE... all of them show the same problem. Can anyone here help me? Maybe you have had the same issue and remember how you fixed it.
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