MSS - Best way to build a bankroll?

    • eXtremeACE
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      First, before anyone else yells at me , I know there is MSS dedicated forum, but I posted this here on purpose because I want more general opinion, and how it compares to BSS. :)

      So is MSS good for building bankroll? Now, I hear a lot of people saying it is good for them because they can multitable it with relative easy and so are able to generate a nice rakeback profits, even tho their winning rate is lower than BSS.

      But I don't have rakeback on platform I'm playing. :( So only good thing from multitabling for me right now is that I can accumulate FTP points much faster, but don't know if they are really worth much, do they?

      I am also happy to say I'm a member of new BSS school, so BSS is definatly something I'd like to be good at and play at future, but am just wondering if MSS will help me more safely build up my bankroll of 48$..?

      Any input will do,
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    • purplefizz
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      hey stefan,

      im sure so many people have opinions here. :D been very many fights already about that, mosly good natured tho :)

      i've only played SSS and BSS on micros so i can only compare those two. SSS is much more mindless - i knew my charts by heart, i knew exactly how to play each hand. when i would have long sessions, i would enter a trance like zen state and not even bother to look at how the villain responds or how the hand turns out since im already all in/ already know ive played the hand perfectly regardless of the results.

      BSS needs so much more thinking and re-thinking of your strategies. each hand gets played to the end. it's more like "real poker", the way that i'd imagined it in the beginning. i have nothing against both ways. sometimes it even depends on the mood. :)

    • thazar
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      I have played MSS for a long time and now have switch to BSS. I personnaly don't see MSS as a long term choice especially at higher limit. I have found it very profitable though upto NL25. As Purplefizz posted it is a personal choice.

      GL at the tables