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sng requirements?

    • YuvalW
      Joined: 28.05.2011 Posts: 30
      I did some quick and very basic calculations (which I'll add to the bottom of the post if anyone is interested) and found out that with +1/5X the buy-in in fees you need to get ITM of 40% of the tournaments in order to break even.

      This is true only assuming that you get first, second and third place the same amount of times, but since probably you will get more seconds and thirds then firsts (correct me if I'm wrong) you actually need to get ITM in more then 40% of the tournaments in order to only break even.

      Is this a feasible requirement from someone just starting off with his 50$ capital? Isn't that a lot?

      for those interested here are the very basics calculation I did:

      bi = tournament buy-in not including fee
      fee is according to FTP, 1/5 of the tournament bi
      remember we assume you get the same number of first place, second place and third place.
      on avarage when you are ITM you will get:
      (2*9bi/10 + 3*9bi/10 + 5*9bi/10)/3 = 3bi
      in order to break even these 3bi need to exactly cover the number of tournaments you didn't win (+ the one in which you got the money):
      3bi / 1.2bi = 2.5
      This means that you have to be ITM of 1 in 2.5 tournaments, or 40 in 100, therefore being in the money of 40% of tournaments will allow you to break even.

      Did i do any stupid mistake in the calculation here? (I will use: "yeah that was stupid, well it's very late here and I'm tired" as an excuse :p)
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    • dydukas
      Joined: 01.05.2009 Posts: 1,275
      Firstly, the calculations are correct.


      probably you will get more seconds and thirds then firsts (correct me if I'm wrong)

      this shouldn't be correct for a good player.

      But anyway the estimation of getting all places evenly is good for start. The main problem here is 20% rake. That's what makes beating 1$ at FTP SnGs a real challenge. Keep in mind also that you'll get 26% of rakeback from PS, so you can assume that the real rake is 0.2*0.74=~0.15. And it gets lower and lower with each limit.

      Considering that the level of players at $1.2 and $2.25 limits isn't very different my advice is to start at $1.2 and after a few hundred games breaking even (or winning ofc) start taking shots at $2.25. You can start with 35-50 BI bankroll but be sure to increase the numbers when you move up. Especially if you plan to play turbos.