Hand Histories w/ Troublespots needed for Video-series

    • ge5sterne
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      Hey guys,
      I am planning to do a mini-series on NL25/NL50 6max Hands with common spots that may be troublesome to some of you Regulars on these stakes.

      So I need some interesting hands, submitted by you guys which I can then review in a Replayer. Please help me out here and send me hands which you want reviewed to alexander.friedl@mytum.de and add any question you might have concerning the situation or alternative lines.

      Thanks in advance!

      Best regards
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    • ge5sterne
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      Nobody? :(
    • Dublimax
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      hey Alex,

      Hope you are keeping well.

      The reason why you haven't got any answer is not that noone is interested (I think you ridea is good) but this section of the forum is not so often read by members.

      You could maybe "spam" the Hands Evaluation Forum NL25/NL50, I am sure you 'll get many hands this way.
      Since you are a coach and the topic is still relevant to Hands evaluation I don't think the mod will mind too much.

    • DeMarcohsp
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      Hey coach,

      I just saw your last video and found this topic. I will submit some hands to you later in the afternoon after I go over my marked hands in the database.

      Hope it will be useful.
    • Letsdothisish
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      Hey Alex,

      I am very much interested in sending you some hand histories. Atm I only have approx. 4000 hands on NL25 SH because I was a FR reg before. But I do have some spots I think are pretty interesting for me because I still need to adapt to the SH game. I will be glad to send you some of my hands, let's say in a week because I'll have more hands then and a bit more time. How many do you need?