I just dunno what to do anymore so I'm posting this here

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      My main platform is PartyPoker but since it's not affiliated I deposited on William Hill to receive strategy points.

      I deposited 40$ and thought to start with BSS at NL2 with 20BI. I also have an 80$ bonus pending (I cleared 10) and I'm raking points fast so it should be ok.

      The first day went ok, +10$. On the second Boom! I start with fullhouse 88 on JJ8 and my opponent hits K on river for his slowplayed KK. I bet with KK on 455, someone raises with 66, we go allin and he hits set. I double up on a donk then he goes allin with J9, I have AA, call and lose 200bb. I flopped a flush with Qc8cc on Kc4cTc and bet/bet/bet just to find out that my opponent had Ac5c all along.

      Overall it costed me 20$ or more. With 30$ I decided to switch from BSS because brm is not healthy with 15 BI. I wanted to play MSS (my main and favourite strategy) but William Hill is so retarded, I can't top-up for 20c when needed, for example, the minimum being 1$ and I can't even buy for less than 1$ at the NL2 tables.

      So I decided to play HUSNG of 1$. Over 170 games I'm breakeven, the donks who happen to push when I flopped a straight or a flush keep my alive, other than that I'm losing allin versus all gutshots, fd, losing a lot of pushes where I'm the main favourite 55%, 65%, 75% etc. I even made a list with the last 50 pushes or so to check if it matches reality. I also tried playing some 6max sngs at the beginners table but it's the same story, occasionally I time my pushes so wrong to hit JJ, AA, AK etc

      I don't want to end up with 0$. I got an ok bankroll on Party but here it's insane and I don't know what else is left to play. Please help! :(
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