Need feedback from experenced players

    • Pordobolito
      Joined: 04.06.2011 Posts: 23
      Table: STTs (90% 1$ tables)
      Game: Hold'em
      Hands played: 992

      Your actions:
      Fold: 43%
      Call: 16%
      Check: 15%
      Bet: 9%
      Raise: 14%
      Re-raise: 0%

      Where you fold:
      Pre-Flop: 59%
      Flop: 5%
      Turn: 1%
      River: 1%
      No-Fold: 32%

      Hands won: 24%
      Showdowns won: 10%
      Flops seen: 31%
      Win % of Flops Seen: 49%

      These are my stats for now. I don't know how to explain and analyse :f_confused: each and thats why i need feedback from experienced players :s_cool: . If you are bored or you know any articles that can help me, please suggest.

      Thanks anyway! :heart: :spade: :diamond: :club:

      Edit: In case i posted at the wrong section feel free to move it.
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