Expected roi in different Sngs

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      Hey guys. So i'm thinking on strating to grind sngs or mtt sngs again, but i need some advice on which roi is expected at low lvls and micros.
      And don't wanna hear it depends on your skill lvl and stuff, but a realistic guess on what roi could be achieved over a decent sample. I would love to get response in like from x% to y%. :)

      HUsngs turbos 7$ and 15$:
      6-max sngs turbo 7$:
      9-max turbos 7$:
      18-man turbos 3.5$ and 7$:
      45 man turbos 3.5$ and 7$:
      180 mans turbo 2.5$:

      All above is on stars

      And below is Fulltilt

      45 man turbos 5$ and 10$:
      90 man KO's 6.5$:

      I would love to get an answer on this as it would help me determine what to grind this summer and rebuilding my role. :)

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