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Morryoda's Poker Career turning $50 into $765 in a week.

    • Morryoda
      Joined: 15.01.2008 Posts: 24
      Where do I start? Well I guess I could give a brief description of myself and tell you guys as to how I was introduced to poker. Let’s see here… I’m 20 years old… I’m Canadian and currently in college working on my Criminal Justice Degree. I am in my second year of the program and will be done next April … I possibly want to go into law enforcement if my career in poker doesn’t work out :P

      I was introduced to poker in my senior year in high school three years ago. We had a local cash game playing low blinds of like .5/. 10 cent blinds blinds. We always had a full table of 9 guys and usually there would be waiting list. Since I was one of the creators of the table I would always have a nice VIP spot.

      I got my basic feel of poker and how the game worked on this table. Sometimes I would make big cash of 5 dollars telling the boys vending machine cokes on me.

      Tourneys were always on the weekends with a ten-dollar buy in. It was a great environment to learn the game and make some cash. I started to get a great feel for the game and soared beyond my peers winning around 90% of the local tourney games we played. Currently none of my close friends play poker anymore thanks to me ;)

      After I graduated from high school I started to play on various poker sites. I usually bought in for lower then $50 dollars since I was always pretty tight on cash for school. My first big tourney win I had was when I was playing on Royal Vegas poker. I made it down to the final table of +7600 entrants and came 8th winning $950 dollars in a 10-dollar buy in tourney. I still remember pushing all in with 9 :diamond: ,9 :heart: and getting a call from the same stack size as me with A :heart: , 9 :spade: off suit. With the board going blank and the turn showing no help to my opponent his only chance to win the pot was an ace. Sure enough an ace came down. You never forget your life changing beats in poker; it will always stick with you. Though it’s funny you never remember the horrible suck outs you do on other opponents. Since then I have won over $3,000 dollars in poker from various tourney’s/cash games. I won a huge live tourney of $25 dollar buy in for $600 and had a three way split cash out in a $27.50 on p stars giving me another $1000.

      I consider myself a well-disciplined poker player with great patience. However, my weakness in poker is that I’m highly competitive and hate loosing. When I loose a hand that I know I should of won I do sometimes loose my composure. I have been working on my anger recently and finding that I have been able to better control it.

      When I heard about poker strategy I felt I was given an opportunity to prove myself as a poker player to see what I could turn $50 dollars into. The bar was set high; I needed 2,500 titan points in order to cash out my profit. One Titan poker point was equivalent to 1 dollar in rake. This a huge goal but I was confident I could get achieve it.

      I started playing on the 0.10/0.20 cents no limit tables and in about a few hours I had turned the $50 into $125 dollars.

      I decided to move up to 0.25/0.50 cents no limit. I knew this was against the SSS strategy but I was so confident that I was better then 90% of the players there. I’m not trying to come across as arrogant or foolish I knew exactly what I was doing.

      Two days into no limit $50 dollars I was up to $250. I grinded my butt off this last week and finished with a total gross of $765 dollars. I promised myself once I had hit the 2,500 titan points no matter where my stack was I would cash it out. I had my stack up to $850 dollars at one point but took a terrible beat back down to $765.

      This was just playing 0.25/0.50 cent cash. I could write several articles on this site as to how to win successful poker at this limit. You would not believe how bad the majority of the players are at this limit. It was honestly a gold mine to keep grinding my stack up. I’m not saying it was free money, I took terrible beats loosing with kings the last for times I had them. I was 3 outted on the river dozens of times but I kept my composure and that is how if you want to be a successful poker player you have to have it.

      My best advice I can give you guys is scout out the players at the table when you sit down. Don’t try to give yourself a name too quickly when you sit down. Get a feel for the rhythm of the table and adapt to it. Find out who are the loose aggressive, tight conservative players and play them on it. I found that when I had great reads on certain players I was always paid out by them.

      I just cashed out last night $765 dollars and I feel amazing. I know I had to play some unreal solid poker because for someone to achieve 2,500 titan poker points without loosing their stack needs to be seriously playing some kick ass poker.

      I want to thank Pokerstrategy for giving me an opportunity to test myself and see what kind of poker player I have become. This money is going to go into my college tuition and going towards my degree. If you would like me to write articles or if you ever need advice on how to play no limit $50 don’t hesitate to ask me.

      Thank you for your time.

      Good luck at the poker tables guys.

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    • undercover82
      Joined: 09.12.2006 Posts: 813
      Sorry but cashing out your whole bankroll was the worse decision you could make. You are missing the big picture there.With patience, you could be cashing out that amount without hindering your progress at all.
      But anyways.
    • xylere
      Joined: 27.05.2007 Posts: 2,939
      +75$ after playing few hours on NL 20?)
    • helemaalnicks
      Joined: 21.09.2007 Posts: 7,195
      I grinded my butt off this last week and finished with a total gross of $765 dollars.

      hey, what a coincidence, i make that ecery week :D .


      Why do you have trouble loosing?

      Because you dont manage the risk. Most showdowns in NLHE are marginal, so you need a big bankroll, so you make avg. profit instead of "gambling profit". TBH, i can't say whether you're a good player, since you didn't play enough to be able to make a statistical analysis thorough enough to draw any conclusions. You can say stuff like " im better then the rest", but remember that bad players are always better at sucking out on good players, hence you can't really think that way.

      Anyway, gl with your life, since i didn't get the feeling you'll continue playing for
    • tiltron
      Joined: 08.01.2008 Posts: 174
      I don't know where to start with this post. It's a clear-cut case of result oriented thinking. You can be better than 582 % of the players on any given level, and still go broke in a few hands playing with too small a bankroll. Trust me, I've done it enough times to know. It isn't a question of "knowing what you're doing".

      So you hit a massive heater and made a nice profit, congrats! I'm afraid that it won't convince me of your wicked awesome poker skills, tho.
    • Watto77
      Joined: 17.12.2007 Posts: 206
      So you hit a massive heater and made a nice profit, congrats! I'm afraid that it won't convince me of your wicked awesome poker skills, tho.
      Totally agree with you tiltron. No way this guy's skills was why he won so much in a week. Clearly he isn't playing SSS, no way you can have a run that big playing SSS BRM. He gives it away regarding feeling out your opponent and playing the loose opponent. In SSS you play the SHC and go from there.

      Just lost it about him asking if PS want him to write articles.

      Are you serious mate?
    • Morryoda
      Joined: 15.01.2008 Posts: 24
      I wasen't expecting such negative critiscm from my post. I set a goal for myself to reach 2,500 titan poker points which I accomplished. I needed to take a break from playing so much poker that is why I decided to cash out. This doesn't mean that i'm never going to reload again. I still have money in my account to play with which I will still will be doing for PS. I did not write in explicit detail on how I was sucessful in the nl 50 ring. I could write pages to you guys on that, I just gave a brief statement where I thought the main reason I was sucessful was because I watched the table very closely. I did not elaborate in full detail rather give a brief summary of my poker bankroll.

      If you have specific questions to ask me I will gladly answer them rather then most of you judging me in a negative light of my winnings.
    • Timor83
      Joined: 08.06.2007 Posts: 2,793
      Nobody is claiming that you aren't a good player. But it's hard to say for certain that you most definitely are, because of the small sample size.

      Considering the cash out: what if I said that, if you are indeed a good player, you could make that amount every week within a couple of months (downswings included, so I mean on average) if you just leave you're bankroll where it is? Tempting, isn't it. To me that's already a good reason not to cash out. Believe me, I've been there myself. I pay my education with my poker winnings, and I don't like it. Cashouts hamper your progression and lose in the long run.
    • chenny8888
      Joined: 03.10.2007 Posts: 19,324
      cashouts are no problem if you don't follow BRM anyway....
    • whipflip15
      Joined: 25.11.2006 Posts: 284
      Can we have some standard for creating threads?
    • Morryoda
      Joined: 15.01.2008 Posts: 24

      You make a valid point on your argument.

      I think when I receive the cheque I will reload a portion of it. Let's say I reload 500 do you recommend I drop down to 0.10/0.25? I believe though with this much cash infront of me I can really grind it up playing 0.25/0.50 limits.

      I can agree with you that when I had $765 behind me I was playing with such great confidence and was able to make great plays because of the cash behind my bankroll. I feel though when you have cash behind you, you are able to take more risks and feel more confident playing cash poker.