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Playing vs bots

    • L3ST
      Joined: 21.01.2010 Posts: 413
      I have a strong feeling that I'm playing vs a (badly coded) bot on 888 Poker, PL2/PL6/PL10. Also saw him on PL25 and he might even play higher.

      At first I said: Ok, loose passive fish. with 57/0/0/0 stats.
      But on my sample of 25K hands I have 4.8 K hands on him.

      VPIP: 56%
      PFR: 0%
      Steal: 0%
      3Bet: 0%
      C-bet: 0%
      Fold to C-bet:73%

      Aggression factor: 0.3

      As you see, exploitable. If he bets, I fold. It's like collusion. Sort of :D .

      Assuming that no human without down sindrome would play like this, he's a bot.

      Should I report him to 888 support or just value bet him like crazy and keep playing with him?
      He's losing 74$ over 4.8K sample, smth like 11BB/100 hands.
      I'm winning vs him, half his losses are in my cashier.
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