[NL2-NL10] pocket AA's

    • scott02
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      i couldn't get the hang of the HH converter so i posted this img instead which you can still tell all the information from.

      what do you think of the play here, i was following the SSS but januar had raised all-in in previous hands so i waited for her bet, because unlike the SSS betting big would have meant they would of folded. is this trapping?
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    • factorIR
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      Bet preflop!
      Bet flop!

      Limping is not something that should be done with AA especially in SSS. And you are out of position! You can be easily outdrawn if you let BB free play. And you will lost your stack 100% here. I know it doesn't feel good when everyone folds preflop when you have AA. Just get used to it :) .

      Just raise and hope BB has hand. Maybe he will suspect that you are stealing and reraise you (I see a lot of this).
    • Ave27
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      You should at lest have made the pre-flop bet as factorir said. Don't want people drawing for free :P .
    • helemaalnicks
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      This is bss, it's posted in the wrong place. I still agree with factorIR, since slowplaying isn't a good option on these limits imo.
    • scott02
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      so i'm following BSS? might have to read up on it some more then.
      Being as there were only 3 people left at the table, i've tried raising before and they just fold. even if i bluff with 45o and raise then fold. junuar seemed like a fish to me as she had brought several dollars to the table, and i've beaten her a couple of times before when she's gone all-in. which is why i didn't raise on the bet on the flop. and why i checked the turn because she was trying to find out if i had an ace (or two).
    • xylere
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      Your stack is 105 BB, SSS is played with a 20 BB stack)

      I am not tottaly sure what are you following, but I strongly suggest you to figure it out)