Low BI live tourneys in London

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      Hi guys!

      Maybe somebody alredy knows me from this topic: Working in London So I have been here, in London for 2 weeks, and I haven't found any job yet. I was in a Starbucks shop for a 4 hour trial, but I think i won't be accepted. But it doesn't matter right now, i want to write about poker.

      I checked some casinos in London and the lowest BI tournaments are usually the 20 £ freezouts. I would like to go for a tournanment here, but i don't want to go alone, and my roommate isn't interested in poker. If you live in London and want to play a low BI tourney, then add me on skype: kozmi91

      Ther are 2 cases for me:

      1. If i find work in the following 1-2 weeks, then i'll definitely play, when i'll get my first salary.

      2. If i cant find work in 1-2 weeks, i have to go back home, but before that i will hit the casino and ship some moniiiiiiez :coolface:

      So add me on skype, if ur interested.
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