[NL2-NL10] A5 spade

    • whitefang43
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      well i was at the .15/.25 tables at mansion last night b4 it went down :(

      sitting in SB with A5 of spades at a table with 4 BS 4 MS and 1 SS by the time it's my turn the CO and the BU are all in the rest folds , they are both MS so i look at the table and think if i call with my last 4.25$ i'll get 3-1 on my money, it a rather loose table so i think i'm up against middle pocket pair and maybe A rag so i call, turns out i'm up against 1010 and 86D board comes 5KJ?A and i take down 12$+

      so my question is was that a stupid call statisticly or can math defend my call?

      just to clarify i don't play hands like that very often, just had a gut feeling
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    • xylere
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      nothing can defend your call) Please, avaoid such plays, as they are not correct. First of all, your odds are 2:1, not 3:1. Yor pot equity is ~33%. Against your opponent`s hands you have only 30% equity.
      You are dominated by AX hands, pp 6+ and many other hands (given 2 players).