I just had some fighting with Mansion!

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      Phew, now i just feel a abit tired after a spoken fight against a Mansion guy. :(

      The problem was that i made a deposit via Moneybookers, every steps went through smoothly, and i got a confirmation of successful deposit from Mansion. However, no fund credited to my account at all!

      I contacted them and one of support guys kept saying that they received no funds from Moneybookers and the transaction was declined. It's a weird, and i tried to explain that i had checked my Moneybookers account and the problem must be from their end. But that guy seemed very awful...! :evil:

      At last, when i couldn't take it easy anymore, i told him that: 'ok, no problem if you can't solve this. However i recommend you let your financial check your Moneybookers account and you can see the funds. And also: i'm member of PokerStrategy team, so i'll publish this issue there with some screenshots...'

      After i said that, he told me to wait a little. Then after some minutes: i got some apologies from him and the funds were credited! :D

      Anyway, good service for Mansion! ;)
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