Sticky Topics in the staking forum : Black list and feedback system

    • stevegold87
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      Hi everyone,

      I would like to throw in the idea of making a black list as a sticky topic (At the top of the staking forum) with the name of every members that scammed before with poker website screen name, real name and situation. The current "Public hall of shame" doesn't have an OP that modifies the topic with the name of scammer and what they did exactly.

      I would also like to make a positive feedback thread with the following informations about the members before :

      Member name :
      Transaction :
      Amount :
      WEbsite and details : (Positive or negative feedback?)

      I would like to volunteer to keep track of both of these threads.

      The idea comes from this website (and common sense as well) :

      [edited by thazar - it is another affiliate, sorry]
      It's in french, please remove this website if it is not allowed to post here, but it's to give an idea of what I am talking about and for a security of our members. (If pokerstrategy has a staking forum, it should def have a good rating system for it where people feel safe.)

      Thank you for considering,

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    • Gerv
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      I - as player & staker - think there needs to be more regulation on this matter. Competitors like 2+2 and CMP have at least better rules, better regulation in order to prevent the p% people get scammed.

      For me personally this section currently looks like a country where Marshall Law is in effect. Or one can also call it the darks streets of the PokerStrategy forum where lurkers become moneyhungry

      Partially the stakers have to be responsible for themselves but PS hosting this staking facility should also provide a somehow climate that engages a good staking environment.

      These suggestions are the first steps to create this climate and I am sure that these suggestions should be more rule than exception

      Best regards,

    • thazar
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      Hi stevegold87

      Thank you for your input, we are looking at it and at a few other possibilities. We will come back with answers sometimes next week.