software crashes

    • TwiceT
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      everytime i open "my account" and klick either cash-in, withdraw or bonus or whatever, my WH software crashes. i downloaded latest version. no idea why lol

      anybody has similar probs?! didnt ever have it before :f_cry:
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    • charliebeth
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      This exact same thing happened to me yesterday, I was looking into my account and it crashed, i got in touch with online help as soon as I was able, but it had sorted its self out.

      I put it down to trying to withdraw and sat at the tables at the same time.

      Ive not tried it since. Perhaps they dont want us to withdraw.
    • Midazolam
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      Do you have a current version of the internetexplorer?
      Do you allow javascripts there? (put the security settings to the lowest level)
      Do you have a current version of the flashplayer?

      My cashier is still running normal.
      You can use the homepage to withdraw in the meantime.