[Application] Sunday session inc FREE storm

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      ABOUT ME

      Hey guys over the last 3/4 months it has been a real struggle for me to continue playing poker but through perseverance i have managed to get back playing well and actually making a few FT's which obviously feels good, so a little about me if you don't know me.

      I have been playing online for about 4/5 yrs and about 10 years + in total, i first started playing at ladbrokes before it changed to microgaming had a few ok wins when i started off like the steps to $500 winning a few times and the $3r $2000 gtd for $650ish but left soon after when i discovered pokerstars, where i found it tough at first however i got my my break in september 2009 when i finished 2nd in the $50k $3r for just under $10k which to date is my biggest win in total. And over the last 4 days i have managed to win just over $3.2k which feels good again.

      So Here is my plan for my Sunday session

      $8.80 1r1a $2k Gtd @ 4pm = $24.80
      500 Cap $8.80 $3k Gtd @ 3.30pm = $8.80
      The Big $22 @ 5pm = $22
      $5.50 $17.5k Gtd @ 6pm = $5.50
      The Big $109 @6pm = $109
      The Sunday Storm FREE @ 6.30pm
      The Big $11 @ 7pm = $11
      $35k Gtd $22 1r1a @ 7.15pm = $62
      The Bigger $55 @ 8pm = $55

      $298 make it $295 make it easier

      So 59 shares @ $5 @ 70/30 backers cut with stakeback.

      Any Questions just ask.

      I will also be playing the Sunday Million which is already sold to friends IRL

      FRODOFEET77 20 shares = $100 PAID
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