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Holdem Manager Qestion

    • VictoBurgZ
      Joined: 14.09.2010 Posts: 6
      OK, so I have started to use the software but is there a guide on what the meaning of everything is?
      Like the numbers you see to the short words
      I am looking for a full guide on how to understand so I can use it
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    • netsrak
      Joined: 11.03.2006 Posts: 37,409
      You should find everything you need in our FAQ:

      There are also some videos in the Pokerstrategy video section and on youtube if you search for Holdemmanager.
    • NoOneSpcl
      Joined: 03.04.2011 Posts: 118
      Holdem Manager's FAQ is a great place to look for all the information.
      If you find it overwhelming, too technical, or not enough description of a specific stat, Google is your friend, and also, to get you started, here's an overview of some basic stats, their meaning, and common ranges for that stat:

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      After you have the handle on the basic stats, and you've played around with the software a bit (and googled and/or asked in the forums about features you did not quite comprehend), and you want to start learning how to use it to really find and plug the leaks in your game, here's a starter link for that:
      (be warned - don't go there before you've gotten used to the basics in the program)

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      Finally, if you'll be looking for more advanced examples of how to find your leaks with it, AFTER you've grown accustomed to it and played a few K hands at the very least, there are a few good videos on it:

      a couple here on, one of them is for bronze members too (Databse doctor, I believe the video is called, the first part. The second is for silver members).

      Also a couple of other leakfinder videos for bronze members.

      Other great sources too: Pokerschoolonline (pokerstars' free online poker school) has a GREAT video on using HM in the video section.

      Hope that helps a bit.