Skeptical Player from Portugal

    • NightWolf16
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      I'm a college student from Portugal and I've been playing Poker for the last 4 years and my strategy was quite different from the one I learned here in . I don't have losses but my profit is quite low... Do you really think that if I use the strategy you taught me I will win more? If so, are all of us (forum users) getting profit from Poker? Its a bit strange having so many people playing in the same way and all winning money...

      Btw is a pleasure to have joined this huge community =) . I Hope to learn a lot and if I can help anyone with MY OPINIONS (nothing statically proven) just ask and ill do my best.

      Rui Cunha
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    • Anssi
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      It is good stepping stone. In the end you improve most by playing, realizing why and understanding basic concepts.
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      I'd kinda agree with you in the sense that the articles for the quiz seemed extremely basic to me. Like if I was explaining to someone who had never played poker, to ease them into the game, I'd tell them to play that way. Pretty much play top 10 and not much else from the starting articles.

      Looking at the titles of the silver and gold articles, even some of the bronze articles, there defiantly seems to be a gaggle of good advise here too.
    • ThatGuyMatt
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      I'd like to think its more Fundamentals that you learn here, being able to read opponents uses your own head, not a strategy.

      For example, if you got a cash game going with 9 of us, who all studied the same Articles, i doubt any of them would play identicle, people play different Post Flop, some players may like to Limp with Siuted Connectors, just like Pocket Pairs. Like i said the theory of poker they teach here is the same, but everyone will take the parts that work for them, which is different for everyone.

      I'm pretty sure there isnt two players here that think exactly the same.
    • bjdubs
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      It is not something that necessarily happens overnight. Patience is virtuous. I've looked at some older more skilled members profiles and they'e been poker strategy members for a couple years.
      There is so much knowledge to gain and skills to portray in your poker focus at the table. Like how religiously your studies with school, if your level of seriousness and time in the studies of poker is the same as or greater than, obiously you will accel to a professional level. The sky is the limit my friend, there are alot of fish in the sea, meaning there are millions of players online, could be half way to a billion already. There must be billions of dollars in the industry!! Let's learn this strategy and benefit. Cheers to your good health!
      Tis all a numbers game in the end ;) hope you are studying stats in college;D!
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      wow really excellent answers here! thanks guys :f_love: what a great community we have. it makes me smile :D i dont think i have anything more to add.
      i just imagined we all go through school, learn the same things like reading, writing, maths, etc. yet we all turn out very different. what we do with the knowledge matters a lot. as well as hard work, talent and a little bit of luck :)

      cheers everyone!
    • sapheal
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      NightWolf16 ,

      Poker has been my main source of living for quite a long time and I promise You- learning and analyzing hands will make You win more. And, there is enough place for many players to win. :s_love: